Multisport high-performance training summer camp under the guidance of international coaches in residential multi sports academy of Sportseed-Pro in Gwalior.



Foot Ball is a major Sports. Present performance has boosted India's dream to participate at highest level. The impetus is also further accentuated with various professional leagues and event like under 19 Foot Ball World Cup. The development and improvement of football is only possible with a high standard of grass-root curriculum, skill development both by players and trainers and opportunity to perform and train internationally. Sportseed-pro has conceived a comprehensive pathway to ensure football development. Jorge Vazquez Di Biase, UEFA -PRO coach of Spain, Methodological Director Royal Spanish Football Academy and our technical

Advisor, conducts neuro football training workshops both for players as well as for trainers. The concept will ensure comprehensive understanding of football both tactically, technically and psychologically.The stages of sessions have been divided into initiation, progression and completion about football movements. The workshops are for 3-5 days and also for the academies to be used as their pre session preparatory activities. As Football pathways young talents can train and perform at UK and Spain with leading professional football academies with residential facility. The Football Fanatica has been crafted to hone the skill and excel in the field of football.


Cricket is like our religion. Therefore, most of the kids wants to play cricket and therefore opportunity to perform is limited in compare to the budding cricketer. We have created a pathway where cricket workshops will be conducted across India with our Cricket Consultant Deep DasGupta, Ex Indian National cricketer and Australian Coach and grass root cricket expert Bruce Adams. Through the workshops skill training and conceptual learning will be ensured along with identification of age group talents. These talents can avail opportunity to play and train at Australia and South Africa. The high performance training at south Africa and Australia will improve their skills and more over they will play competitive matches and will be able to show case talents. Unearthing talents and mentoring and promoting these budding champions through Cricket Bonanza has been specially designed by Sportseed-Pro.


The virtual android based platform has been created by us to create an interactive platform and ensure quality knowledge transmission from renowned Sports scientists and coaches to all the budding players, amateur players and academies. The focus is to ensure quality input from the best resources as per requirement of the players and academies. The void of scientific training and sports science has been breached by this initiative and we are the pioneer. A team of 6 Sports Medicine spl, 3X Sports nutritionist, 2x Sports psychologist and 3x sports physiologist are available under one roof to give you the best input.