A unique program to ensure holistic development and scientific sports promotion utilizing PETAL concept. Our RAINBOW CURRICULUM based interactive and fun filled PE curriculum will ensure physical literacy, fitness, Sports talent identification and Scientific introduction to Sports/ Games.


We have designed PETAL (Physically Active, Healthy Eating, Sports Talent Identification, Positive Attitude and Life Skill Development) concept based RAINBOW Curriculum for Physical Education. The concept is equally suitable for all types of educational Boards and focused to develop physical literacy, healthy habits and life skill.

Active Kid is a scientific age specific activity pattern to ensure motor skill and cognitive and holistic development. In a fast-changing world, only our high-order thinking skills can keep us aware, engaged, and growing. Through our innovative PE curriculum, we will focus on seven important aspects of life skill training i.e. focus and self-control, perspective taking, communicating, making connections, critical thinking, taking on challenges, self-directed and engaged learning. We also have developed our software and android app based real time monitoring of physical fitness accessible by educational institution and parents. Presently 25000+ students are utilising this curriculum and improved their physical literacy and fitness score.