About us

A venture to promote sports and healthy habits among Young Indians.
Identify sports talents at an young age and nurturing them, is our expertise.


India is a nation that dreams. And dreams are those that don’t let you sleep. India has watched one such become a sporting super star. But dreams without plans are castles in the air.

So, what’s the plan ?

A structured an innovative program that targets the grass root level sports enthusiasts to decode India’s sports performance. A comprehensive and synergistic method to introduce physical literacy and scientific sports training both at scholastic level as well as for amateur and professional sports performers.

How exactly ?

Assistance will always be found at Sportseed-Pro and to put it in exactitude, here’s what we’ve planned.


Sportseed-Pro is a global physical literacy and sports excellence promoter across all segments, starting from educational, amateur and professional utilising renowned national and international resources, scientific methodology, advanced sports science guidance and high quality trainers. We impart physical education, sports and fitness training using interactive pedagogical techniques to encourage young Indians to explore and decode their physical potential. Built by Passion and Backed by experience, we deliver the right Mantra at right age to improve physical fitness, mental wellness, social inclusiveness and Cognitive & Holistic development.

We also developed a unique pathways utilising which young Indians can train at various national and international academies to explore and unearth their potential. Our 'Cricket Bonanza' will allow budding cricketers test their potential and showcase their talent at Australia and South Africa. Our' Football Fanatica' will allow future footballers to train at UK or Spain with professional teams and hone their skill. We also create individual sports training pathways to ensure best training facility and coaches.


Promote Scientific sports and fitness amongst young Indians and to assure healthy habits, sports excellence and holistic development.


  • Holistic Development
  • Sports talent Identification and scientific mentoring
  • Introduction and assistance of Sports sciences at every steps of physical and sports training
  • World class Sports personality and sports coaches for Grass root sports training.
  • Ensure fitness and improve productivity.


  • Generate interest
  • Provide knowledge
  • Identify talent
  • Nurture talent
  • Promote Talent


Our physical literacy and sports excellence concept is based on PETAL and KSP which has been formulated by our renowned resources and curriculum developers. The basic concept LTAD has been dovetailed with in our concept to create the unique curriculum. The age specific skill set and scientific periodiztion based programs (Active Kidz and Sportz Kid) translated into sports performance fulfilling dreams of young Indians. We are focused to generate Healthy habits, Physical fitness, Physical literacy ensuring social inclusiveness and sports excellence. We Invoke interest towards sports and foster continued participation through an array of games and activities for Young Indians. Our structured programmes will help to bridge the gap between education and play through scientific methodology, unique curriculum and well trained coaches leading to a comprehensive system of sports education. The Programmes are curriculum based and are crafted by industry experts, who customise it as per a kid’s skill and age.

Movers: Age group 3- 8 years are Movers group. The concepts are introduced with fun filled interactive methods. The focus is to ensure transformation from gross motor skill to fine motor skill, building healthy habits and introduction to multiple sports skill set. The module is run under active guidance of Sports Mangers and is the most popular curriculum for kids. The movement introduction is based on educational gymnastic concept with a focus to coordination, balance, agility, flexibility and music associated with dance. Movers group is subdivided with three different grades and activity and skill set are introduced as per degree of difficulty.
Growers: Age group 9- 13 is defined as Growers. Here emphasis is on physical fitness, introduction to basic sports skill, identification of sports talent, life skill and cognitive development. The activity is based upon scientific fitness evaluation, sports introduction and concept building utilising Rainbow curriculum. Growing kids actively explore and participates into multi sports activity.
Flyers: Age group 14-18 is defined as Flyer Group. The focus is on building physical attributes like endurance, strength as well as maintaining body fat%, mastering sports skill and sports performance. Correction of sports techniques is also done at the stage with developing concept about tactics.